How does Eros lead us to a life of passion, connection and meaning?
What is the archetype of the Sacred Masculine?
What does it mean to be a wild soul in the modern world?
How does shifting patterns in body and breath unlock one’s authenticity and power?
What is yours to bring to assist humanity’s shift towards a sustainable future?
How do we embrace a spiritual ecology?

A conscious man’s guide to a road less traveled, The Bones and Breath offers an eloquent exploration into the mysterious heart of soulfully initiated manhood. Gently subversive of modern society’s fractured paradigm, here is a uniquely lyrical roadmap and a heart-centered guide—not only for men, but also for women who support an evolving masculinity.

Rear cover synopsis:

“In The Bones & Breath, Heartsong asserts that we each have a unique gift to bring to the world and through embodying the soul—primarily through our expanded, physical senses—we undertake a profound, transpersonal journey; one that serves humanity and the earth at a crucial phase of our collective evolution. Our life task is not to transcend the body but to descend into the bones and breath, to there discover the gift one’s soul has to offer to the ‘more-than-human’ world. Heartsong seeks to bring men out of their heads and down into the bodysoul, to claim their personal authenticity as a wild soul.

Eros is the key. Something much bigger than romantic love, Eros is the elemental force of allurement that plays a pivotal role in our evolution as conscious beings and pulls us towards our destiny. The Sacred Masculine is an important archetype now making a much needed return to assist humanity, as mankind shifts from being the single most destructive force on the planet to a life-sustaining and interconnected one. Interwoven with personal stories, 7 key Soul Skills and embodiment exercises, The Bones and Breath is part inspirational narrative, part ‘how to’ manual for a soul-centered life.”