L.R. Heartsong teaches a sensual connection with life, nature, and the Soul of the World. He has spent most of his adult life immersed in various approaches to healing and nourishment. A bodyworker and practitioner of the healing arts for more than two decades, he is trained in somatic psychology and Hakomi Integrative Somatics (now called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy). He is also an aquatic therapist (Watsu, WaterDance, etc.), Ayurvedic educator, aromatherapist, French-trained chef, and organic beekeeper.

As a body-centered therapist he has worked extensively with men in both individual and group settings, leading men's groups, workshops and wilderness rites-of-passage work. Over the years he has developed a unique work that he refers to as “soul embodiment” coaching, which could roughly be outlined as a somatic approach to eco-depth psychology. Much of his current focus is upon evolving our notions of masculinity and weaving them into a sustainable, spiritual ecology.

As a healer who writes, River guides others to open their senses and heart to embrace the deep mysteries of soul—celebrating the body as ecstatic resource and exploring what it means to be fully human. Deeply attuned to soulful nourishment, relationship with place, and sensate perception, he holds that nature and a conscious connection with the body are essential to our re-wilding, healing, and transformation.

River2A dynamic speaker and skilled teacher, he delights in sharing about conscious living and embodiment, soulful nourishment, food and healing, myths and stories, authentic Eros, awakening the Sacred Masculine, and the way of the Soul Artist. Currently River is circulating his next book to agents/publishers, a soulful memoir about living in the English countryside with his longterm partner; a story that celebrates love, nature, healing, and good food, along with a bit of Old World magic.

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